Otto Schade


"The lady don't protest too much" June - Oct - 2018

Spray paint on concrete - size  12m x 6m 


Otto Shade

Fascinated by Surrealism and abstract art, Otto turned his creative skills to painting Original art works after studying architecture.

He consistently explores different styles and mediums growing, adapting and changing his style to include new techniques whilst pushing his stencil free-hand spray paint on walls.

Using the pseudonym “Osch”. He has developed his orb style for communicating his anti-war theme and his trademark ribbon style that emerges out of his knowledge of the use of space. His work is known worldwide.

This artwork is from a huge mural he painted in London, summer 2018.

This conceptual image depicting the famous Shakespearean moment in Hamlet and the concept of vanitas. The image points towards the idea of memento mori and a type of bandaged anthropological figure, that appears sexually ambiguous but certain details point towards this figure being a female like the nails and the fulsome lips. 


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