Group Exhibition + Auction 
Secret Art Ltd. in collaboration with OUTSIDE THE ZONE
The world is collapsing and is breeding a new quantum fear. That will manifest a new reality for future generations.Art is the connecting factors, through creating a new visual language we can expand and hold onto the truth. If there is a truth now, its that our personal reality is fighting to exist It's time to actively participate in this transformation and fight to preserve what is essential. Each of us can do our part.
Secret Art Gallery
Auction view
Save The Street #01 \ From Here To Never State.
Exhibition + Auction
17 April 2021 - 17th May
28 Cheshire Street, Brick Lane, London E2 6EH
Gallery open from Tuesday to Sunday
Time - 11 am to 7 pm.
Artists: Fikri Amanda Abubakar - Eleanor Barreau - Matteo Bosi - DEM - Dmntn - Patricia Dinu - Silvia Idili - Anna Laurini - LUAP - Jorge Luccas - Ieva Li - Emanuela Montorro - Seth Morley - Serg Nehaev - Mariano Pieroni - Prozak - Carrie Reichardt - Wiliam Ravara - Eugene Shadko - David Turner - Will Teather - Tishky - Jeremy Wolf - Zin V.
Plus Live music and performance
Also check out select works from Maria Arceo exhibiting at Exlab in Old St as part of the auction.
Exhibition date 17th April - 13th May, 2021
Exlab - 325 Old St, London, EC1