The festival offered street artists an opportunity to collaborate with their international peers and create amazing new collages that can be enjoyed by a wide audience. Exhibited during the lockdown period.

OTZ and Art House Project London have partnered to create the first London paste up Festival. Over 200 international street artists add colour to the walls of Shoreditch in London in Nov 2021.

The paste up festival included large collage in dedicated locations and secret locations around London’s unofficial arts district of Shoreditch and was supported by an exhibition featuring 30 of the festival’s artists at Hoxton Gallery. Nov 2021.

Location: Shoreditch

LIPF FILM |  LIPF FILM - Directed by Mervyn Penrose 

A selection of artists featured in the festival and exhibition.

Donk, Luap, Zombiesque, Shuby, WRDSMTH, Hello the Mushroom, Subdude,  7th Pencil, Daddy Street Fox, Apparan, ProHeroes, Black Dove, Sten&Oli, Diva Dog, Ghost Collective, 0rrible, Jelly, Bentoghoul, Captain Eyeliner, D7606art, LT66, 8arms2hug, Knapple, YaYa, Neon Savage, Whatifier, SHEM , DD Regalo, Kwerk, Pablo Alisson, Pure Evil, Lucie Flynn, Yorgos, JWolf, Blackdove,Mr Edwards, Cris rwk, City Kitty, Cokemoss, Planet Selfie, Jd Montaigne among others. 

LIPF feature

Thanks to our creative partners

Hoxton Gallery, Inspiring Cities, E1 Brew Co, Great Art, LDN & Spanish book fair, La Tundra, SL London, Gigi's Hoxton, SL venues 

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