Feel the Fear, everything Comes to Pass


58 Old Compton St, London. W1

14th March – 22nd March

Preview: 13th March, 6-9pm


Private viewing room

Gallery view

As our world continues to develop at an alarming rate our definitions and perceptions are warping. This show explores the irreversible impact abnormalities in the current day are having upon social consciousness and communication. Feel the Fear, Everything Comes to Pass is a group show consisting of Sebastian Xavier (b. Hong Kong), Paz Dean (b. London), Shem (b. London), and Jeremy Wolf (b. New York City).

The shows aims to challenge how we live in society now and exposes what it is that grips each of our lives. Delving into deeper questions about the media’s influence over our everyday life, The Curator, Trix mendez maintains that bringing these artist’s together was like curating a group news feed — one which mirrored the disillusionment of online profiles and news channel propaganda.

 As society grapples with the implications of commercialisation each of these artist explore through their art the relationship between consciousness and reality. Delving into the complexities and the irregularities of the contemporary world and utilising the weird and the wonderful. The exhibition draws upon seminal ideas initiated by Guy Debord alongside present-day anomalies such as the bitcoin phenomena or the establishment of the self-help industry.

Explorations are not limited or exclusive, this exhibit aims to diversify and challenge how we perceive the world around us. The artists are engaging with the idea of the spectacle and the self through multiple mediums, interpretations and criticism. Each of these artists delve into the complexities and the irregularities of the contemporary world, portraying ideas of the past, present and future.

Sebastian’s photography practise draws upon a history of romanticised and allegorical imagery which he reworks to push often uncomfortable issues, into a contemporary dialogue. In a similar manner Paz, an established photojournalist, uses his lens to document all members of society in attempt to normalise marginalised groups. Shem on the other hand is a prolific painter deploying multiple mediums such as handwritten statements, poetry and symbols to develop an extraordinary visual and critical vocabulary with London today. Working with Cut With, a South London Hip Hop trio, Shem attempts to breakdown the trials and tribulations facing young creatives trying to find themselves today. Jeremy, who holds a degree in Economics, processes the aesthetic world in an alternate manner, focusing on contemporary political issues, exhausted with the political situation of his home country, his work captures the disappointment and fear on these present times.

Feel the Fear, Everything Comes to Pass is reminiscent of the transient world we live in.


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Curator: Trix Mendez

Text: Lorna Tiller

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