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About this event

In the acceptance that anything proceeding the initial interaction is a deviation from the truth and subject for collusion. We pull things apart, destroy them or go within them in the hope of seeing what lies between the surfaces of our perception.

Autobiographical no longer has a stance to take - Intuition over intention.

The eroticism of displeasure is the deconstruction of self through conformity.The exhibition explores referential composition, metaphysical restraints, contextual placement of movement. Freedom within constraint whilst navigating spatiality.

Pushing the boundaries and placing one self within confined spaces. When does one reach intuitive movement… beyond aesthetic concern, pure expression for the purpose of emotion? The exhibition is housed in a temporal space habited by artists testing the premise of intuition, like a call to prayer while people gather in a ritualistic manner to experience the liminality between mind, body and other.

Artists from different mediums have been invited to interact with the temporal structure. Expect performances, sound works, spoken word, paintings and celestial activities.

Curator: OTZ + Isabel Paget

Producer: OTZ

Isabel Paget, Kwerk / Millie Weston / CH20 / Doug Haywood / Ed Mirza / Maria Arceo, Mervyn Penrose and more.

Date:6th Aug

Time: 6-11PM

(opposite Spitalfields Church, E1)




A public art installation and performance.

Designed as an art house of its own as a means of simultaneously experiencing the inner realities of multiple artists.  Artists with different creative outputs were invited to interact with a temporal structure.  Performances included dance, sound works, spoken word, paintings and celestial activities

Installation and direction @izabel.paget 

Producer :Trix for  @outsidethe_zone

Soundscape @kwerksoundpower

Film - Mervyn Penrose @officeearth 



Petra Haller - Dancer

Milly Weston - Performance

Kwerk - soundscape + interaction

Doug Haywood - string installation

Renata Silvero + Matilde Wall -performance

Izabel Paget + Elfie Joji_ayers - Performance

 An otz intervention 




Petra - Watch


 Milly Weston




Doug Haywood


Matilla wall + Renata


Isabel Paget + Effie