Celso Mazu(PROZAK) began his career painting on the street in the 90's, Brazil. Influenced by street culture, linked to skateboarding and the economic changes in his city São Paulo(Brazil) He graduated in Fine Arts at the Armando Alvares Penteado Foundation (FAAP) in 2000. He has exhibited and painted in the Brazil, USA,Japan, Argentina and across Europe.

PROZAK is the pseudonym that he uses as a symbol of the world-renowned remedy brand that responds to the anxieties and social saturations in daily life.

In his recent work, Prozak use of colours appears as a multidimensional organic mass set. Layers jump from the background given by the city. Prozak's chromatic diversity synthesises the world saturated with information and impositions as it pervades this generation.

Two figures in conversation, in a neon palate of liner delineation. These universal stylised figures speak in a language of optimism. This mural was paint in Shoreditch, in London in 2018 and instantly became an iconic mural for the area.