EXLAB is an experimental art lab that curates freeform experiences through new media, digital art forms and experimental performances. Their core ethos is to create a new visual paradigm of existence architecture,                                                              whilst shifting between real and virtual exhibitions. Exploring a momentary escape into multidisciplinary realms whilst unterlising new art environments.

Through ambitious projects EXLAB enables their audience to orbit and explore non-linear realities.

Exlab exploration projects include:

Future art energy

The space in between life & death

Totems of reality

The economics of an autonomous society

We have an innovative approach to visionary new media and identifying exciting opportunities for artists to produce visionary projects and conceive unique public art experiences.


EXLAB | 325 Old St, London, EC1

The space exists as a visionary project aimed to support emerging artists with a multidisciplinary approach to their practiseEXLAB focuses on independent curatorial projects. Exploring art from with a fresh                                                                                  fluidity whilst engaging with a mass audience.

The modernist void will constantly transform with a progressive pool of curatorial collaborators and artists expand beyond the EXLAB to other OTZ sites.

Artworks can be viewed daily without borders creating a unique public art experience. 

EXLAB continues OTZ’S ethos to re-purpose and transform unused spaces into functional art environments. Exploring deeper into how art shapes cities and constantly shifting the realm between art and technology.                                                                                                             




Mervyn Penrose - Conscious Technology - Aug 2021

Photo prints on see through material - 300cm x 60cm.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Part 2 of the installation at TSAC Aug 2021

Photo installation on see through material.


Lowe H Seger | Obsolete dreams | July 2021

 Film installation with prints

A conceptual window installation at EXLAB, a piece based on my values in life, all rooted in personal experiences. Using the human body for an inspirational expression of the artists mindset.


Physically Digital

A four-week exploration of the digital in a physical setting, During the several lockdowns we have gone through, we have been invited to experience art that was meant to be delivered physically in the digital landscape.                                                                It has pushed emerging artists to shift their studios into their laptops. The lockdown has questions how we use our body especially as artists. Exlab is a space that allows us to reconsider the screen as a space,                                                                                  the browser as a material and the user as a viewer.

Curated by BATS1996


Beatrice Taylor 

Installation view - Film, sculpture and text


Vince Ibay

Short digital films  using photogrammetry and motion capture AI on 3 screens |



Three films screened with performances from the artists.



Gwendolyn Kassenaar | Transdence - May 13th - 31st (residency)

Week 1 - Painting to live steamed music played live by jazz muscians. 


Week 2 - mural x performance by Petra Haller - with music live steamed 

Week 3 - mural x performance by Petra Haller - with music live steamed 


Dance with Ecstasy - April 14th - May 8th

Dereham place project space -  May 9th  - June 9th 


Maria Arceo - Abacomancy & the sands of future dust | April 15th - May 9th                 

Exhibiting as part of Save the street exhibition and auction a collab with Secret Art gallery                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             















Dmintn | Step into tomorrow |  April 1 - April 15th | Recycled pvc | Installation view














 kWeRk | Inside the reality within | March 2021  | Installation view













Live performance | 18/3 /21

Spray and acrylic paint on vinyl 


Mikros Cosmos | live action painting | March 9/3/21 | exhibit at #rage stage




EXLAB - 325 Old St, London, EC1  - On view daily - Free 

Live stream intermissions / music / podcasts / performances / soundscapes 

A selection of artworks from EXLAB projects & artists

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