Shem is a multidisciplinary artist who works on canvas and re-uses textiles and clothing. His work is intensely personal and reflective with his artistic journey focused on self-exploration, which questions our humanity and how it is reflective on our  individual existence. 

Shem’s creative use of materials, depicts friction on his canvas's. But there is delight too, which Shem shares exuberantly with his viewer. 

His paintings paintings breathe an intensely personal and reflective view, whilst his subject-matter concerns the rueful task we all face, of celebrating the things that have made us strong and battling the things that have set us back.

The mood of the paintings seem to pick up the sounds of London, its movement and its emotional current. Slogans and headlines from the pandemic find their way into the mix too, and sometimes a robust retort as well. These are not, or do not appear to be, instruments of campaign or protest; but it is not hard to detect a low tolerance threshold