Drawing influence from revolutionary moments in time.

An anarchist space that responds to the now.

The project exists with just a hashtag #stage_rage

An invisible art project.

The artists and creatives involved are there to make a statement                                                                                                                       and produce work to set rules.

1) the finished artwork to be produced in 5hrs max

2) only point of contact is through #Rage_Stage 

3) All works must be original works for the space

4) the location is only revealed with # and a postcode.


We the people | #Rage_Stage 



Timiiie | October 2020Spray paint on wood


Mervyn | photo project | larger than life 

 Vinyl print | 115cm x 266cm  


Freya H Studio | Heartbeat city - Oct 2020 

Bottle tops on concrete - installation  - 14m 


Mervyn | photo project

 Vinyl print | 115cm x 266cm



Shem | Sept 2020

Acrylic + spray paint on wood | 2.45m x 2.45m



Woof original | August 2020

Acrylic + spray paint on wood | 2.45m x 2.45m



Post code N1 6ND