Othello de Souza Hartley

Othello de souza Hartley

"Before the last moment"

4m x 3m ( large scale c-type print)

From his 2018 photo project in London.


"Before the last moment"

In the photo wall ‘Before the last moment’ a black subject lies down in the middle of a estate, contrasting the vulnerability of the naked male body a contradiction in terms, and the surrounding hard concrete tower homes.

This estate is also the scene of a crime, the subject now takes the place of a murder victim.

The performative nature of the work, questions mortality and masculinity. As the hard edge of the unforgiving architecture lends to a illuminated body striking art historical references to slain saints.

A idea at odds with the media image of black death usually seen as an inevitability with the blame being laid on the victim as much as the perpetrators.

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Price: POA   

Limited edition photo print

Paper: C- type colour print on gloss paper 

Sizes: A0

Edition: 10

Framed on request

Signed by the artist


More details: info@outsidethezonegallery.com