"Age of entitlement"

( Augmented Reality project |  March 2019)

Digital print on Vinyl / mobile app - Size: 4.8m x 2.8m


The multimedia artist Laura Shepherd in her collaboration with OTZ in a new project, centred on entitlement. This fine art insinuation, moves the viewer’s relationship from a passive to active mode of interaction.

This is an innovative project by LS528, in line with the the polymath of OTZ.

The millennial mindset spreads like ivy into the phones, streams and dreams of the connected world. Attitude shifts to an open-hearted tolerance of the multiverse system that presents infinite perspectives, truths and possibilities. 

Prevailing ideas are brought into stark relief with the reality of our everyday city scapes. This augmented reality project is an invitation to play with both your phone and our apparently static environments in a new light.

Using a free AR phone app, viewers can bring the digital painting to life and into a hyper reality, to create and photograph their own artistic compositions. Expanding the imaginative possibilities of our frenetic world with a ludic expression of pure frivolity.


Print release soon.