Photo project paste up spring 2018

Photo montage - size 4.5m x 5m


Ivan is founder of INTO seasonal magazine, a cultural exploration through photography and film.

He is driven by a deep-laying interest in people, their nuances and complexities, observing and capturing moments through the lens. He focuses on street culture, and everyday life.

Ivan builds a narrative through his travels. His large body of work encompasses different cultures shifts and narratives.

Each image, characterised by what appears to be a slight de-colourisation, inspired the the ideas surrounding what was then, where are we now. Often fusing archive and contemporaneous shots with ascribed stories.

Ivan is seeking to document change, in the time of archive fever. When every second we introduce more and more information to online platforms, encouraged to remember our pasts on a weekly basis on Thursdays.

The role of the archivist was to protect and provide a legacy for cultural artefacts. What then happens at the end of Instagram or Snapchat? And we saw Myspace die.

In reflective of the changes we encounter in the disapproval of certain technologies, one of whom happens to be printing. Raising the question how will we document post the big four platforms? Where more concretely Ivan interrogates is society is heading.


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Print release soon.