EXLAB is an experimental concept space curated by Outside the Zone and encourages independent curators, free-thinkers and idealists. It exists as a visionary project aimed to support emerging artists with a multidisciplinary approach. Exploring art from with a fresh fluidity whilst engaging with a mass audience. EXLAB focuses on independent curatorial projects.

The multi purpose concept space uterlises ‘transparent architecture’ to challenge pre conception of the traditional gallery space. EXLAB can be viewed daily without borders creating a unique public art experience.

The modernist void will constantly transform with a progressive pool of curatorial collaborators. The space will allow opportunities for artists to make new works in a public space whilst providing an 24hr immersive art experiences to a wide audience. Artists will have the opportunity to expand beyond the space to other OTZ satellite art sites. I.e billboards and walls in the vicinity.

EXLAB continues OTZ’s ethos to re-purpose and transform unused spaces into “functional art environments. Exploring deeper into how public art shapes cities.

Below are details about the set up the EXLAB and an overview of the future curatorial program.

Launch March 2021

KWERK  + offsite #rage stage

DMINT  +  offsite – SS Billboards wall



Secret art gallery x OTZ - Auction + off site – dereham place feature wall  


Weekend show



May – 2 weeks each project


Secret art gallery. - solo show

Beatrice Taylor

Weekend show / sound bath / radio



Wild beast agency

Othello - 2 weeks

A couple small drawings hanging / 1 painting over 2 weeks / poetry.



Exlab x satellite space - vox yard

4 x 1 week events 

independent curators


One room gallery