Feature wall

Artist commission

Dereham Place, London, EC2 

Large scale in-situ projects


Paz Dean collab with Mervyn Penrose

Paste up on wood board - 6.65m x 4m


DONK - March - June 2022

Paste up on wood board - 6.65m x 4m


JWOLF | Time to take your medicine, pt. iii | July - October  2021

House and spray paint on wood | 6.65m x 4m


Mervyn Penrose | Supersize - June 2021

Paste up on wood board - 6.65m x 4m


LJT Projects - The information age - open air exhibition - 3 locations, May 2021 -

Artistic partners Scott Kelly & Ben Polking Horn

4 X AO Posters  

Artistic partners Scott Kelly & Ben Polking Horne present the Information age. A critical perspective of the 21st century media presented on seven billboards in London's eminant street art district.

Prints available


Gwen Kassenaar & Petra Haller |  Live painting and dance performance | April 2021 

House paint on wood l 6.65m x 4m


Specimen press - March 2021

4 x A0 paste up on wood

(interacted project, encouraging people to write on the board in response to the Russian translation)


Freya H Studio | july 2020 | Exhibiting now

Bottle tops on wood 4 X A0 panel


Pablo Alisson | Migrants 

 Spray paint on wood 4 X A0 panel


Snack collective | Hope | 2019

Found scratch cards on wood installation on wooden panels


Curator project | Text Excussion | 2019

Spray paint on wooden panels


Other de souza Hartley | Before the last moment | 2019

C- Type photo print 2.5m x 1.5m 


 Paz Dean | Privacy is Dead | 2018

 4 x A0 photo prints - C-type print (print release available)


Neil Massey | Ode to British phone boxes | 2018

4 x A0 photo prints - C-type photo print (print release available)


OUTSIDE THE ZONE                                                                                                                                                                      Dereham place feature wall                 
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