(Forget Everything And Run)

Charles C Clarke

“Hyper real dramas mixed with a touch of art gore laced with hip-hop on acid”

Witness Charles unapologetic love for destruction and greed. Forever the protagonist! There is no pity for him or others as he delves into human vices whilst battling with his own multiple personalities and societal anxieties. The author spits venom with a glorious tongue. Fulfilling his personal lust and craving for his own non-conformist self-indulgent needs.

This book is not for the weak but for sick and perverted spectators that enjoy watching others weep. Maybe that's you or your neighbour?

Uterlising poetry, A.I art and short stories, Charles cuts through to the core of todays culture, whilst questioning free speech through his multiple personalities. Whatever you do don't act out what you read, or you might just find your true self!

Charles deliveries a cautionary tale about addictions, brand worshipping, popart, art gore and social anxieties that bleeds into our everyday existence.

"Watchers speculate if the murder was in real life, streamed or was it a dream?”



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