Group show

Dani Tagen, Aurelie Freoua, Othello de Souza Hartley, Sam King, Jorge Luccas, FKULT, Snack Collective, Beatrice Taylor, Chris Dawson                                                                                                                       

Library 112 St, Martins Lane, London, WC2



Outside the zone gallery breaks through the concrete confines of an exhibition space to redefine the audiences consumption and purpose of art.

Conceived as a public art platform. OTZ gallery is situated across multiple locations in heart of Shoreditch, with their core belief based on transforming the cityscape through artistic interventions.

The End Is Nigh, is the inaugural group exhibition. Showing a selection of artists that OTZ has exhibited outside in the public realm. The show, injects the fluid and impermanent nature of the city inside.

The shows genius is organised around its reaction to art and existence and aims to create an ideal place for experimentation and dialogue continuing OTZ core belief of transforming public spaces.

 The works can be split in two thematic groups, with one group focused on abstraction the known world - Fkult. Snack collective, Othello de Souza Hartley, Beatrice Taylor, Dani Tagen. Whilst the other group focused on unpacking abstract expressionism, Aurelie Freoua, Chris Dawson, Jorge Lucas and Sam King

 Each of the artworks becomes a significant conversation between the artist and audience, rarely available in traditional exhibition spaces. Incorporate the original architecture of the space to communicate ideas from a critically optimistic and progressive standpoint; exploring art’s creative potential to change society through an open and inclusive dialogue.

This show is a survey of the current themes that reflect on our visual being, marrying the current dynamic forces shaping our time.

Text : Trix Mendez 

Curators: Trix Mendez + Eduardo Da Costa




Chris dawson + Fkult 



 Dani Tagen



Sam King 



Othello de Souza  Hartley 



Aurelie + snack Collective 



Jorge + snack collective 



Beatrice Taylor



 Jorge Luccas




 Chris Dawson


Library show September - October  2019