Outside the zone breaks through the concrete confines of an exhibition space to redefine the audience, consumption and purpose of art.

Situated in the alternative capital, Shoreditch, the platform serves as an ideal playground for young muralists, painters and graffiti artists. Shades of red brick which once coloured the cityscape, are brought into being through a photographic, painterly or sculptural intervention into the urban landscape.

The fluid and impermanent nature of the city is incorporated into the exhibition schedule with commissions of new artists and artworks every 2-4 months. The swift movement of idea to form creates an ideal pace for experimentation and dialogue. 

 Monumental and immersive murals under train bridges, sculptures and installations in forgotten corners of the city, attempt to push the extremes of space, The projects exists to merge art forms through an artistic and curatorial exploration of public space.

Operating across multiple sites, through large scale, site-specific artworks that integrate and respond to its surroundings. Artists incorporate the original architecture of the space to communicate ideas about social and climate change. OTZ explores art’s creative potential to chance society through an open and inclusive dialogue.  

By Emily Yui@ Frieze academy


OTZ is located across multiple sites under the train tracks in the heart of Shoreditch, London.


   1)Dereham Pl   2)Batermans Row  3)New Inn Yard

    Project billboards: 347 Old St, EC1 & Crooked Billet Yard E2


              Shoreditch Station / Old St tube / Liverpool st station

    OPEN 24/7 




Neil Massey (phone box series)