March - July 2019                                                                                                        Public art group show                             

Artists: Elenour King, Chris Dawson, Sam King, Fkult, Disco Dickins, T.Mendez

With the persistent advance of technological ingress into our lives, the idea of reality has seen a shift. Now human existence is not only measured through the real world interactions formed within our communities within a geopolitical region. Now we can express ourselves beyond the boundaries of material existence through radio waves in ways never before conceived.

These new spaces have left our political class scrambling for relevance, in a digital world an analogue parliament must surely adapt. The status res of political upheavals ad nusum, is a mirror of the criss experienced in the turn of the last century. Leading to the creation of new artistic languages like modernism. In Germany there were movements like Bauhaus, that forever changed our relationship with our everyday household objects. Gone was the frivolous decoration in came the language of utility and ergonomics. That saw beauty in utility. This ethos was only possible because of Fordisum gone was the individual holding all the knowledge to create one object, now on an assembly line specialisation became the norm. Which put blacksmiths out of work but created a new rang of jobs.

AI fare from being a monster that has come to put people out of work with the right forward planning it can not just smarten our lives but place a new paradigmatic relation to our ideas of work and self realisation. An underlying much unexplored handmade of modernity is the kantian ideations on racial anthropology, whose all pervasive enlightenment rationalisation of race, has lead to colonialism and eventually the end of history in the holocaust.

These complex histories are the matrix of codified everyday interactions, what is now seen as a micro aggression, was born from macro aggressions. that are being excavated but left on the surface unresolved dissonant in relation to the real. 

Text by: Eduardo da Costa




Eleanor Barreau  | This is real 

Acrylic + house paint, spray paint on concrete -  12m x 6m


Chris Dawson  | The queue 

Vinyl on concrete, pva glue  - 5m x 6m


FKULT  | Containment 

 Spray paint on concrete |  7m x 6m 


Sam King | A crossing point of existence 

Spray paint + acrylic + house paint on concrete | 7m x 6m


 Disco Dickins 

Masonary paint on concrete | 1mx 4.5m 


  T.M | Vulnerable choices 

Spray paint on Wood, total size | 4.5m x 4m


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